Freitag, 1. November 2013

How to play Diablo 3 offline

Hey guys,

I would like to present you our modificated Diablo III Offline Client. Our Offline Client was developed during the beta phase of D3 when we were able to sniff essential information from the Blizzard Server. On release date we adapted last packages of gameplay data and by now you are able to play Diablo 3 Offline with our Client without a registration nor game key. After six weeks of development and testing we are finally ready to publish it to the community. Our Solution is able to download the required game files automatically from the Blizzard Servers and modify them to be able to play offline. The setup process needs to be done by yourself, please don't spam us as we are constantly working to implement the latest patches and features. To play Diablo 3 offline, please follow the steps as shown below. If you have any questions or criticism, please don't hesitate to contact us via pm on YouTube.

- Supports latest Patch (Currently 2.2.0) - Patchnotes
- Works on Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/Mac OS
- Removes Blizzard Server Authentication
- Doesn't require account nor any Diablo 3 CD-Key or Expansion
- LAN Option via Tunngle, share this with your Friends and play together!

Download Diablo 3 Offline Client V 2.2 - Updated , 2015
Run Diablo 3 Offline Client.exe and install Diablo 3 to your PC

Once you have initiated the installation with our Client it will start to download the required Diablo 3 Files from the Blizzard Servers and adjust them immediately to be able to play undependant from any online connection. Just the download process requires a Connection.

It might take quite a while dependent of your internet connection but not longer than 1-2hrs. When the Download finishes just run Diablo 3 again and you will be prompted to create your private login. Use this one to login to the game. Have fun and be sure to show this client to your friends if you would like to play via LAN. Have fun!

"You can support our Project via a little Donation to help us dealing with costs! Just pm us on YT. Thanks."